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Laser Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment is an advanced and specialized service that we provide at The Beauty Medics. Acne is a worldwide problem and it affects people of all ages, skin color and skin types.


The preferred treatment for acne used at The Beauty Medics was chosen carefully based on multiple trials and the most effective results. We have taken into account every skin type and skin color, and found the most effective and successful method to meet our clients highest standards.


How do you treat acne?

At The Beauty Medics, we treat your skin from the inside out. We do this by using the one of the most advanced systems on the market: SYNERON, powered by ELOS Plus. This technology uses intensive pulse light, or IPL.

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With our advanced technology we can assure you that our treatments can kill the acne-causing bacteria, and the skin will begin clearing up 48 hours after treatment. These results are possible due to the shrinking of sebaceous glands that produce the oils in the skin.


We assure you that with us, at The Beauty Medics, you will get the best treatment and great results.

Will it hurt?

Laser Acne Treatment takes approximately 45 min, with down time of 2 to 3 days.  Clients are able to apply cosmetic products the second day after treatment.  Recovery is not painful, but discomfort, similar to a sunburnt, will be noticed for a few hours after treatment.



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