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botox injections for wrinkle removal

Some of the benefits that come from choosing The Beauty Medics for your Botox cosmetic injections include the non-surgical removal of wrinkles, zero down time, no sedation or anesthetic required. All patients at the Beauty Medics receive the FDA approved treatment 100% pure Botox using only authentic allergen products. Additionally, free touch-ups are available within 14–21 days from the initial treatment assuring that patients are completely satisfied with their Botox results.


Botox is the only temporary solution that works to reduce wrinkles between the eyes, crow’s feet and forehead lines. It is the only treatment that works to slow down aging. Botox works through direct injection to the muscle that causes wrinkle lines via a small needle resulting in muscle weakness, diminishing facial lines. Optimal results from Botox injections are noticeable between 5-7 days post injection and results last approximately 3-5 months. This effective wrinkle treatment can significantly boost the confidence of patients to help them feel comfortable in their own skin.

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