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My results are amazing!

Dr. Syed Bokhari and Sahar were excellent.  My results are amazing! I got Smartlipo done.  Best experience I’ve ever had.  I was very comfortable at every appointment.  My results are great!! Flat tummy so happy.

– Anon.|


I would totally recommend this place!

"I was a little worried at first, but once I read the reviews and called them, they answered all my questions. I made an appointment that same day, due to some cancellations, I was able to get in that same day. I was in and out within 15 mins. I'm not gonna say it was painless, but it was definitely bearable. I think it was less than a minute on each side. I got my underarms done and since it was my first time getting a treatment, she walked me through it all, which I'm sure she does anyway.


It has been 4.5 weeks and I'm now writing a review because I wanted to see how the results were... & let me tell you!!! I love it! I use to shave every 2 days, I think I've shaved, once a week and even then there was hardly any hair! I love it! I love them. I would totally recommend this place!"

– Jenny P. |

My experience here has been phenomenal!

From the first time I went in I just knew I had found the place that was right for me. I started with laser hair removal and stayed for fillers. The whole process was completely painless and I was sold. I then returned for microdermabrasion and chemical peels and have to say that I feel like I finally have the skin I've always wanted. Next, I returned for smart lipo (two treatments on 3 areas!) and can see improvements every single day, my pants zip and I am a size smaller in the waistline.


All in all everything I have done has been great, I can confidently say that I feel and look better than I have in a decade. Everyone at the Beauty Medics is so genuinely caring and helpful, they provide complete information and sincere support--Sahar even offered to give me a ride once! I highly recommend all of the services. Sahar is so wonderful, Myra is fantastic, and Dr. Bokhari is simply the best. I would never go anywhere else and look forward to my next treatment!

– Rhonda T.|



I found Beauty Medics while researching Smart Lipo. When they offered a Groupon for laser hair removal I took the opportunity to ask questions and meet the staff.


Sahar is amazing in every way. She is knowledgeable, professional, kind, patient, and makes every attempt to ensure you're comfortable and all your questions/concerns are addressed. She has assisted me with both my laser hair removal and Smart Lipo. Dr. Bokhari is an exceptional and caring Doctor. During my research for Smart Lipo, I found a few establishments providing the procedure, but the Dr.s had conducted business in other areas and had numerous complaints. However, I could not find ANY negative remarks regarding Dr. Bokhari or Beauty Medics. I could have chosen a more established cosmetic surgeon, but I wanted to stay local for my procedure. Dr. Bokhari, Sahar, and Michelle (another fabulous individual) assisted me with the Smart Lipo. Dr. Bokhari did an AMAZING job on my thighs. I was extremely concerned about aesthetics. I was able to see immediate results. Due to some unexpected bleeding and bruising on my right leg, both Sahar and Dr. Bokhari promptly responded via texting, telephoning, and meeting with me the next day for an examination. If you are looking for highly trained professionals who are caring, and provide quality customer service to clients, then look no further than Beauty Medics.


– Justi L.|


I recommend The Beauty Medics 100%

“I am here for my second treatment and I am so excited of the outcome. After my first treatment I had instant results... I recommend The Beauty Medics 100%.

– Calvin A. |


I love it! I love them.

“It has been 4.5 weeks and I'm now writing a review because I wanted to see how the results were... & let me tell you!!! I love it! I use to shave every 2 days, I think I've shaved, once a week and even then there was hardly any hair! I love it! I love them. I would totally recommend this place!”

Jenny P. |


Friendly and helpful!

“When you first walk in they always ask you if you would like water, fruit, or pastries which are set up super cute! The entire staff is friendly and helpful! They all make me feel very comfortable!”

– Kristin H. |

Five Star Ratings

Very professional

“On my first visit, Sahar was very professional and explained the process as this was my first time getting laser treatment in the bikini area. She put me as ease. I mentioned that I had laser treatment for my underarm 2 times previously and she lasered the underarm, too, as a trial.  The process itself was quick.”

– D. T. |


Extremely pleasant and helpful

“I felt very comfortable in the feels like a doctor's office. The receptionist was extremely pleasant and helpful. The RN Sahar educated me on everything I needed to know regarding laser hair removal and walked me through the steps as she was doing it. Her educational approach helped me feel more comfortable and experience less pain with the procedure. I am excited to finish my last 5 sessions and would recommend The Beauty Medics to all my friends!”

– Natalie I. |

I am absolutely happy with my results

“I got few things done at this spa. All what I've got to say is I am absolutely happy with my results. I finally met someone who knows what their doing.

– Majdi S. |


I have never met anyone who takes their time with their clients so much.

“Sahar gave me some information, and what I like about her is that she didn't force me. She educated me. She asks what I have done before and how I liked my past treatments. She wasn't there to cash in on me. I have never met anyone who takes their time with their clients so  much. I told her that I'll schedule a facial treatment and see what's up. If I like it great, if's alright.”

– Mary G. |

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...they are FABULOUS at everything they do.

"First off there is a reason everyone gives this business 5 stars. I found Sahar today on yelp and believe it or not I took a risk to try her out on my face which is the most important thing to me being that my career has been spent as a professional model. I have not had experience with Botox and I have been wanting to try it so badly but have been scared to look like a scary botched person without any emotion. Sahar was so educated, kind, patient and most importantly gentle. She did a consultation and saw my point of view and was able to give her own as well. She was so quick and it was truly painless. I had NO bleeding or bruising, truly magical her touch is so gentle!


The only negative is just that unknown feeling and of course having needles around but they don't hurt at all! Sahar was amazing and genuinely excited to give me my first Botox. She also wanted a follow up to make sure it all is the way i wanted. It takes 10 days for full effect and I cannot wait! I will update you guys on how it turns out but the process was amaZing! The front office got me in same day and were so charming and professional. I will update my review with their names in a few as I have them written down but they were so much fun were an amazing representation of the company. The office was very clean and actually easy to find!


I cannot say enough good things about this experience and I'm sure it was worth every penny. They were very competitive with pricing and fair. I will definitely be going back for my beauty needs and looking forward to it. Ps while I'm sure they are amazing at everything I want to point out that most of these reviews are on the laser hair removal but they are sooooo much more than that, especially apparent from my experience but I'm glad that I didn't let the amazing laser hair reviews distract my views from wondering how much they specialized in injectables and I can say they are FABULOUS at everything they do. At first I wasn't sure if it was more of a laser hair clinic but my point to share to you that it's perfection with each service that they offer, so that you don't have to wonder the same thing."


– Brit W. |


Dr. Syed is professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly.

“Despite it being an one hour drive for me I went ahead with the purchase because of the great reviews. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and friendly they were at the first call to schedule my appointment. The office is spacious and clean. I was greeted just as nicely in person. I arrived early and they took me in with no problem. Dr. Syed took care of my treatment. Dr. Syed is professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly.


Groupon or not I will be coming back for additional services and treatments. I could go to more local places in my temecula area but I don't mind the drive because I get top service in return- that is well worth it to me. I highly recommend them.”

– Merith N.|

"I just got botox injections by Sahar and couldn't be happier, everything went very well and pain free, and also she offered to come back to add some more in case I don't like results in a couple of weeks! Very satisfied with her service!"


– Elena B. |



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